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My bio page on Huffington Post:


Here are links to some of my essays on Huffington Post:

Raising Awareness for Raising Awareness

Getting Over Hannibal – After the Long, Hard Cry

Hypocrites, One and All

The Entropy of Wisdom

Too Poor for Healthcare, Too Rich for Medicaid

The Secret Life of Dori Hartley

Live Your Own Life, Schmuck!

Art Started When I Stopped Caring

What Would William Shatner Do?

Interview: Aurelio Voltaire – A Jedi in Sith Clothing (who sings!)

You Can’t Keep a Good Goth Dead

Online Dating: You Can’t Handle the Truth

Date Me If You Dare

Dead by Friday

The Joys of Knee Surgery

An Open Letter to Tim Curry

Designer-Model Michael Tintiuc Talks Fashion and Skateboarding

Rape, Murder and Swag

The Great Boob Embrace

The Reality of Hard Times

You’re Gonna Make It After All

Old, Jaded an Always Right

All Women Are Real Women

Social Media Has Made Products of Us All

Walking Away From Labels

The Cold, Cruel Internet

Cyber Crime: That’s Entertainment!

Fashion Journalist Kate Betts on Style and Leadership

Hollywood School Inherits Early Morning Trash

Delia Ephron Speaks: Ambition, Love and the Hair Report

Gagging on Pink Ribbons

Some Mistakes Are Built to Last

Rape, Rage and Rocky Horror

Atheism: Taking Off the Training Wheels

A Hero Will Rise From the Children of Technology

The Atheist Who Loves Angels

Saying No to Negativity

Embracing The Weird, Weird World

When You Die on Facebook

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Good Without God

The Best Insult I Ever Got

Russell Crowe Saved My Life

Social Networking: The Endgame of Natural Communication

The Day I Lost God

Lurv, Luff, Lub and Sometimes, Love

It’s Never Too Late to Love Your Mother

Occupy – The Musical!

Ty Campbell: The Little Boy Who Could – A Pediatric Cancer Story

Occupy: Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take it Anymore!

What Cancer Taught Me About Living

Waiting for My Teen to Become a Monster

Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up – and She’s 52

The Vampire Goes Back to College

The Snake Oil of Self Hate

The Soulful Atheist

Not All Children Are Human

Free With Purchase: Eternal Damnation

September 11, 2001: The Day I Forgot I Had Cancer


Embracing the Invisible Woman

How Love & Heartbreak Led Me To Be (Happily) Single By Choice

Gone Catfishing

Why I Only Date Younger Men

What No One Ever Tells You About Mastectomies & Intimacy

Limitless Love: A Mother Of Eleven Tells Her Extraordinary Tale

The Raw Hell of Vulnerable Honesty

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