No Trust


I’m not the one to trust
so don’t trust me
I don’t trust you
which should bring great relief

Why bother with trust?
It’s an obligation I can’t live up to
nor can you
so why play that naive game

trust like virtue
a good quality
It’s no quality
It’s just a burden

Thoughts of an older time
with meaning and preciousness
in everything hopeful
trust is for the foolish

For those who want to believe
in something better
than the untrustworthy reality
in all of it’s acceptable conditions

I am still my best without trust
I can still give all
my self, my love
what I can’t do is care if you want it

or plan for you to want it
because if you don’t
a trusting person would feel the pain of it’s lack
and I’m not a trusting person

Everything that’s good in me
is still good in me
but don’t trust me to share it with you
I may or I may not

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