Mean Stick

under eye


Tonight’s ceremonial master
will be bringing you freaks
darker delights than expected
an auction of inhibition
a circus run by a hawker so smooth
you’ll beg to be slipped in
through a latched door
in a dark alley
if his eye snares you up

He comes with a mean stick
but he holds it close
sharpening it, sometimes
sometimes nicking himself good
the circus keeper likes to flaunt and disregard
fairy dust under a top hat
to let us know it’s all a show

With a brooding face
it hurt so bad
it hurt so good
side show trunk
open it
get in

Black like a trap
a hidden cell
the air removed
come come
come come

The circus freak
is now management here
sometimes he is all mean stick
and sometimes he’s just mist and material

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Filed under Dark POETRY

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