Mr. Hermes and Miss Scarlik

Mr. Hermes and Miss Scarlik

Once upon a time in a greasy pit
lived a sibling duo fair.
Born they were to scare the likes
of children everywhere.

Oh he, the freak called Mr. Hermes
called his sister’s name:
“Miss Scarlik, with your fetid breath,
Shall we begin the game?”

“Oh yes, my brother, let’s take charge
but first pass me your lance…
The boil that swells upon your nose
s’not worth a second glance…”

“But sister dear, would you not prefer
to simply bite it clean?”
“Oh brother how you tempt me dear!
Let me incise that bean.”

“Bite it, do not slap it girl
you force me to be cruel!”
And off they slipped by accident
into a pool of drool.

Slippy slidy went Miss Scarlik
“Think I broke me leg!”
Giddy glidy down went Hermes
cracking like an egg.

“Are those my brains, all icky pink?
Quick! Fetch a frying pan!”
“Is that my bone?” said Scarlik, wondr’ing
p’raps she’d been a man…

Eyes a-bulge, her brother licked his lips
and went to grab it.
“You fiddle with your own bone, oh
you know you want to nab it!”

And so the two did slickify
the floor with fluid gooeys.
Gnawing on the flappy bits
and other assorted chewies.

“Time to hit the town,” he said,
“Get out the large prosthetics.
We wouldn’t be caught dead
without the ghouly good aesthetics!”

With extra care he stitched
his sister’s heart upon her sleeve.
And in her hair a vulture’s feather
into it he’d weave.

While she would trim his nosehairs
with a gardening shears of tin.
“If you tweeze, I’ll sneeze” he said
and so with scizzors she went in.

And rolling up like tumbleweed
they fumbled into town.
They took their hypodermics out
injecting all around.

She winked with her remaining eye
He goosed the little tots.
They stuffed the rodent pudding deep
inside the rodent pots.

And every house would frame their doors
with chilis and with garlic.
In preparation for the creepy
Hermes and Miss Scarlik.

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