One Kiss

hugh dancy

Sip ssssip from the thin crystal glass

What are we drinking tonight, master king?

Tonight we sip ssssip sip from the fount
of blood coloured wine
of lips yet to taste

I’ve hungered for you
Will I drink of your fount?

Sip ssssip, my son, precious son
And come, come close
Tell me your tale

I’ve hungered for you
I can’t tell you why
I dream of your lips
your neck ‘neath my fingers

You dream of my neck, my flesh-quickened nymph
My shuddering stag, awake in my breath

I dream of your neck, my father of pain
My fingers so deeply impressed on your pulse

Come close my stag, my creature of heat
come pull your magnetic energy field
and concentrate now
on my lips, my lips

I want those lips
I want that kiss
I want that scent that hovers by your mouth

Come seek that scent
that lurks in the corners

Your mouth unique
your lips so shapely

Your lips so sweet
like a child like a bud

Come kiss me master

Come fold to me mine

I seek your stubble

I avail my heat

I smell the flesh of your upper lip
I cannot bear the luxury of your cologne

It is nothing, my pet
just water and money
the scent you witness
is my lust, my greed

Then give me your greed
my master, my father
let flesh touch flesh
and soon, forsooth!

Come quick my child
my lips are parted
My prickly beard
does beckon your quest

At last, my sire, my love
At last the hit, the reckoning
lips at lips

Deliver your wetness
tongue and muscle
wrap and writhe
breathe me in, breathe me in

I’m fainting, master
I’m falling hard
your tongue – such knowledge
you know me too well

I know you well, my Will, my captive

You know me well, my brut, my killer

Envelope you whole
with tongue and teeth
I ssssip of your wine, your essence, your life

Please ssssip of my lust
my breath, my insistence
don’t stop, demand me
command me as yours

My angel, my dove
love me – love me as no other
love me, my wisp, my soft scent of blood

I am yours, so kiss me
engulf me
penetrate me
insane me

I will, my Will
I suck through the ether
your all
your perfection
I eat you in ssssips

What do I taste like
my owner, my soul?

Like love, you taste
like love on my palette

Like love – such heat
vibration of lust
come close come close
allow me back in

I bend to you, my precious young stag
You’ll drink my wine
from my very own lips
You’ll take the sweetness of death
and its honor
come kiss me now
come ssssip from my lips


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