Sibilant Bow

sibilant bow

Sibilant Bow


soft brush
of the hardened skin
swivelled balance
poised and angeled
keep you alive
keep you alive
toes tendons heels and sole
ankles boney
knock my own
know you’re there

45 degrees or less
acute obtuse
your bended knee between my thighs
ride the cusp and climb high
and split the difference
for you and I
are just the same
just the same

Hips yours
somehow slide
sand colored shaded hinted
golden godly
prying prodding
mystic machinations
wordless explanations
though words I hear
like the shuddering of shy stars
in their giggling prediction of novas
hissing whispers
lisping hisses
overbitten necessity

I hesitate to listen
your sibilant bow
your esses and wetness
would take me too soon

Belly heave
mine soft
yours furry
deep flutter, butterfly tease
the little hairs electrical
pulse, repel and attract
like magnetic velvet shifts
of warmth, heat, hotter, scorching
iron melt

Hands, fingers
yours covered, ribbed and twined
veins filled
mine art-broken
busted and searching, quickened, scented
open plain, terrain, prairie
upwards, arms tan, golden, strong, long
aromatic platinum anatomy
student of the book
your neck
your neck and the vanilla
the toasted marshmallow amber caramello
laced in liquor
essence and indulgence
chin and stubble

Hair wheat, wild like fire
ablaze in a cloud
drab of hue, straw of the tao
lashes simple sparse of brow
cheekbones diorite, onyx, bronze

honey and blood
unhinged expression in silent set stone
soul taker, soul giver
scent of me whiffed in
molecular inception
you take me in breaths
long nose up, long nose down

and then
the inevitable
sounds of flowered dreamscapes
in murals of running color
let them flow
for here
it is not the mystery of the runaway dreams
that keeps me floating
in your shiver-tinged spell
it is the door, the threshold
from which they seep
the door itself, the sibilant bow

the sibilant bow
where it all ends
and it all starts
where bodies cease
in the crease of your burgundy lips
where nightmares fade
it the shade of your
perfectly odd

on this evening
I fall
and all is yours
and all is mine
a shed of secrets
a twist of vine
the curve of your mouth
blinds like night

restore my sight
restore my sight


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