Blue Djinn – MUSIC

Blue Djinn Cover Art

I do not have a vast catalogue of available music, but I do have one album that seems to keep people’s interest. That album is called Blue Djinn.








bluedjinn3I wrote, performed and recorded Blue Djinn in 1996, with the brilliant songwriter/guitarist Pete Min. It was critically acclaimed and I toured the US to promote it. I had a hit with the song, “Nobody Loves Me But You” – which was featured in the hit TV Series, The Sopranos.





bluedjinn1Blue Djinn is a reference to the television show, “I Dream Of Jeannie.”

The album is available for download on iTunes. There are 10 songs, all as bizarre as me.




bluedjinn 2Click here if you want to hear my music and download it.

Hey, it’s probably the least expensive thing you’ll ever buy on the internet! 😉

Thank you!

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