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Q&A with D

Hello. It’s me, D. You can call me or Dori, Dor, or Dorian…whatever you prefer. I like D the best.

I felt maybe a little descriptive explanation might be in order for this gallery. What is it about, how do I create these pieces? What are the things I do, the creative process, etc… Maybe I can answer in advance some of your questions, or allow you into my world in a way that you would not necessarily know of unless I guide you. So, I’ve created a little hypothetical Q&A for you to read, and hopefully enjoy. So, here we go.

How long have you been an artist?

My entire life. I was drawing from the moment I could hold a pencil. My parents were incredibly supportive of my talents and always encouraged me to do more-more-more.

Why did you create The Art of Dori Hartley website?

Well, it was noticed that my work is all over the place – but not in one single website. You can look me up and find a zillion links – but not one singular home. So, I created this ‘one-stop-shop’ for all things D.

Do you ever do still life paintings, or landscapes?

In school, I did everything. Now, mostly portraits. I am completely seduced by human faces.

Your work seems so dark, do you ever paint anything light and fluffy?

I admire the light and fluffy, but my love is the dark, the mysterious. I love horror and blood, and I will always love the nocturnal themes as well as the erotic. I believe there will always be a note of wicked in my artworks. And of course, I am a beauty freak. Beauty is what my life revolves around; the creating and witnessing of it in art and in life.

You paint so frequently – how is this even possible?

I paint and write frequently, every day to be exact. It is because I know my purpose in this life. I have made a conscious decision to be who I am and nothing less. I do not do what I don’t want to do, and conversely – I do what I want, and what I want to do is create every single day of my life.

What is your favorite medium?

I love them all. I fluctuate back and forth, but I always change and I always love whatever medium I’m utilizing. If there were an ultimate, I’d say acrylic paint on wood – that would be my ‘favorite’, though digital painting has captured my heart as well.

You write as well?

I write professionally, every single day. I am an essayist, though I don’t always write under my own name.

What about your life as a musician?

I don’t do a lot of music these days, though I do read poetry at open mic nights. I used to have a band, for about 15 years in fact. I went just so far, and received a lot of attention for my voice and songwriting, however, it just became a soul-crushing endeavor. The music industry is way too cruel and competitive for someone like me, so after a while, I just left. I did have a great time while I was involved, though. And I have written and performed hundreds of songs in my life.

You’re an actor too?

Yes, I am. Or, at least – I was. I don’t do much acting anymore. It’s hard for a woman my age to get parts, and I have come to love and appreciate the ‘behind the scenes’ variety of being creative. My portraits, in a way, are all me, if you will. So, I get to play the roles through my art. It’s a twisted way to look at acting, but I live vicariously through my portraits, and in that way, I am still acting.

What else do you do?

I’m a mother to a daughter, and a friend to many. I’m a very loved person, and I am extraordinarily grateful for that.

What’s with all the Hannibal art?

Hannibal is my passion. It will never be anything but this. Fortunately, there are many people who adore my Hannibal art, and in a way, I create this art for them. I was fortunate to meet the man who plays Hannibal – Mads Mikkelsen, and well, my meeting with him changed my life. He was quite possibly the kindest person I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet and he was very, very good to me. As far as the art goes, the beauty of the two male leads was so overwhelming to me that I could not help but create endless amounts of art for them. I could not have a website without a place for Hannibal.

What is your creative process?

I fall in love, first. Always. If I am not in love with my subject, the art will reveal this. However, I can fall in love with almost everything, because I can find and see beauty in almost anything. This is how I proceed when I am painting for commissions. I fall in love with lines and spaces. Light. Dark. Or the corners of eyes, or lips. I fall in love with an attitude in a face and I make it my duty to capture the essence. I don’t just paint – I breathe the subject in. I see beauty and I take it in like a vitamin, and I process it. My art is the end product of the subject and my own soul. There is nothing I paint lightly. My art is me.

Do you sell your art?

Well, yes, of course. I am a professional. I do not have a ‘day job’ – this is my day and night job. I rely on the sales of my art and writing in order to create an income. I sell prints, canvasses, painting on wood and I do commissions. If you are interested in purchasing anything you see in this gallery, let me know. While much of the original canvas art is already sold and gone, prints are always available, and I am always interested in commissions. If you wish to commission a painting, please write me at

Price List – 2015

One head – $300, two heads in one piece – $400
Digital paintings are realistic, glamorous and can be any size. Most of my Hannibal work is digitally painted. When the piece is complete, I send you the HIGH RESOLUTION file – you print it. I can guide you to a great printing facility, however. Fine Art America is where I set up all my prints, so you can print your digital file as large as you want, in any kind of frame, canvas or archival paper. That is up to you.

For examples of my digital painting:

11 x 14 – $500 and up
12 x 16 – $600 and up
12 x 24 – $500 and up
16 x 20 – $700 and up
18 x 24 – $1,000.

For examples of my traditional painting:

I do not bargain. These are the prices.
All monies must be paid in advance, including shipping costs for the traditional paintings, which vary depending on the size of the painting and where you are.

These are my prices for commissions, not for previously painted pieces.

What do you do when you’re not creating art?

I like to sit on the couch and think about doing art. My ritual is usually do create all day, then blob around like a lox on the couch watching TV. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if there’s anything out there I can lay a quick glaze on. I’m addicted to creating – it’s my endorphin rush.

What? There are audio recordings performed by you, of your poems and stories?

Yes, I thought it would be fun to include some of my recordings to accompany the writings. I’m all about the entertainment, you know. I like to do accents and I’m very, very dramatic, so please do listen to the spoken word recordings!

Any tips on how to use the gallery itself?

Yes. Use the drop down menus to get around. That way you’ll be able to find all the writings according to theme and style, and all the art – plus the art in print form for sale.

Here are a couple of quick links, for your perusal.

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Drawings – Traditional 
Hannibal Lecter 
Will Graham 
Portraits – Women 
Portaits – Men 
Angels and Aliens 
Mads Mikkelsen 
Hugh Dancy 
American Horror Story 
Editorial Illos 
Featured Artist/Writer 

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