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Angels and Echoes – A Novel


New Yorker, Olivia Lang is diagnosed with breast cancer and must undergo major surgery and aggressive chemotherapy. Her post-operative scars are so abhorrent to her husband, that he shuns her emotionally and physically, eventually divorcing her. Lonely and dejected, she looks for companionship in an online role-playing group called Angels and Echoes, where she falls in love with Evan Bale, an autistic man who lives in Kentucky. Plagued by memories of childhood molestation, he confesses to the group that at 13, his own mother raped him, gave birth to his only child and sold her to a ring of pedophilic pornographers. Also in the online group is 21-yr old Kitty Valentine, a wheelchair-bound, NYC tattoo artist. As a baby, she was discovered by her adoptive parents in a dumpster, where she’d been left to die. With no real knowledge of her infancy, her only memories include a vicious woman, a video camera and a kind boy. When Olivia hires Kitty to tattoo over her scar, the question arises: Could there be a connection between Evan and the young woman in the wheelchair? Olivia’s curiosity turns into an all-out search-and-rescue mission, where the discovery of several videotapes leads them to a broken-down trailer home in the Kentucky hills — and a possible confrontation with a psychopathic child molester.

Angels and Echoes is a dark contemporary fiction that brings together hardcore realities and escapist wishes. It is a story of abuse, of rejection and undying hope. It is the tale of two dreamers and the parallel path of chaos that leads them to redemption. It’s a tale of the internet and role playing games; a crime novel, a supernatural thriller and the greatest love story ever told. It is painful and heartbreaking and after reading it, you will believe in true love.

To purchase a copy of ANGELS AND ECHOES, click on this link.

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The Good Demon, Ch. 1

dark faces

The Good Demon, part 1
by Dori Hartley

“You guys are driving me fucking nuts! Would you please stop thrashing around so much — I’m trying to work here, do you not see this?”

Despite her two fat cats relentlessly ripping at her fake Persian rug in an attempt to relax their ceaseless nervous energy, Nora Bellamy, a cat lover and believer in good solid conversation always sought out a dialogue with her pets. The cats were clearly upset by the rattling, scratchy sound coming from outside the house.

Looking over at Wodka, the fat calico tabby, she asked, “What do you think? Pigeons? You think the birds are back in the gutter?”

Wodka, whose expression signaled nothing but terror, had little to say in return. Nora was used to this.

On occasion, Nora would answer for them.   Continue reading

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Smooth Jazz

smooth jazz

One petite woman, bundled up in a white parka with fur trim walks precariously through the frozen suburban street, listening to her headset. Smooth Jazz 88, Minnesota’s finest. Always smooth jazz, always holding out for Miles.

It’s a gustier-than-possible winter morning and the snow drifts are doing that circling dervish dance behind and in front of her. Up in the air with all that white wind, blinding. Deafening if one has the ears for it. She is on her way to the bustop to catch a ride to work, with no ears for it.

Another woman leaves the warmth of her home and makes her way over mounds of hard packed white snow to an icy parked car situated in her home’s driveway. Sifty, outsized boulders unplowed by hubby, yet still, the man cleared enough of a path. She gets in, turns on the car and with it the heat. Automatically, the radio goes on: Smooth jazz.   Continue reading

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